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Marine Drive, Mumbai

Photo  of  Marine Drive, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India  at Night

Gateway of India

Photo of the Gateway of India  at night during a full moon  taken from the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel,  Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Tech Update - Ed.13 - 11 November 2019

Image Tech Update #13 11 November 2019
© 2019 All Rights Reserved Tech Update Gives You a Quick Briefing about Disruptive Technology and the Digital Economy from India.
Thought for the Week: Despite talk of a global downturn, India is still showing potential with investments and partnerships from abroad announced this week.
This week:
Flipkart and Nokia tie-up: Flipkart and Nokia are collaborating to bring Nokia smart TVs to India. Flipkart will help in manufacturing and sales of the TVs. This will increase the number of branded goods offered by the ecommerce giant in India.
Tencent invests in Indian startups: WeChat owner, Tencent is in discussions with 2 startups in India for investments. This shows increased interest by the Chinese tech firm in Indian startups. The 2 startups in question are Doubtnut and Pratilipi. This is against the backdrop of ByteDance’s TikTok gaining market share in India. This may be a… Tech Update - Ed.12 - 4 November 2019

Image Tech Update #12 4 November 2019
© 2019 All Rights Reserved Tech Update Gives You the Latest Briefing about Disruptive Technology and the Digital Economy from India.
Thought for the Week: While telcos are still in the news this week, upskilling seems to be a theme. Getting a pool of talent in emerging technologies available for industry is clearly crucial for India’s development and achieving a $5 Trillion economy.
This week:
Competition in Digital Payments: The digital payments space in India is a tough market. It is estimated that Paytm, Amazon Pay and PhonePe collectively lost Rs.20 Cr. per day in financial year 2019. With competition from UPI and RuPay increasing, the pressure is on for the players in this market.
Telecom troubles: In light of a recent ruling from India’s Supreme Court, the outstanding fees owed by the telcos is causing concern when taken together with the upcoming 5G auction. The telec…

Yoga for Relaxation - Video by Ashok Malhotra

Yoga Institute Interviews
by Ashok Malhotra

Ashok Malhotra is author of many books including 'Yoga Philosophy: Health, Healing and the Star Wars Connection' -
Professor Ashok Kumar Malhotra is Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York College at Oneonta, New York. He is the winner of a dozen prestigious awards such as Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, East West Center Distinguished Alumni Award (USA), University of Hawaii Distinguished Alumni Award (USA), Gullands NRI Excellence Award (UK), Jewel of India Gold Award (India), Spiritual Leadership Award (USA), Bharat Excellence Award (India) and others. He has published 14 books on Indian, Chinese and Western Philosophy that include four books on Yoga and Meditation. He is the founder of the Yoga and Meditation Society as well as the Ninash Foundation, a charity that builds schools for t…

Icon of Mumbai

Icon of Mumbai 
Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Colaba Mumbai

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