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Founders Keepers?

The tension between startup founders and their investors is always there. Has the tide turned in favour of the founders?
An interesting article by CNBC at suggests that the balance of power may have shifted towards the founders.
How do founders maintain equity in their startups or 'skin in the game' as it is sometimes referred to? If founders get funding too early (rather than bootstrapping for longer) that may make future funding rounds more tricky due to a bad cap table?

Let me know your views.

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The How, When and Why of Linking Activity to Identity?

The big debate in India right now is about linking your Aadhaar card to various activities. More generally, linking activities to identity. e.g. linking your Aadhaar card to your bank account and mobile sim card. Jokes are appearing about linking Aadhaar, even in national newspapers - see

For the country's security what activities should be linked to your identity card? Is the digital cybersecurity infrastructure in place to effectively deal with privacy issues? (See The Technology of Trust).
Please let me know your views.

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How do you get the most as an investor in the Softbank era?

With Softbank's US$100 Billion Vision Fund starting to write huge cheques for startup investments and many billions more planned over the next 10 years, how do you get the most bang for your buck as a startup investor nowadays?
VCs, VC funds, PE investors, Angel investors, incubators and accelerators are going to rethink their investment strategy in the Softbank era.
What imapct has Softbank had on the startup ecosystem and how are startup valuations and investment strategies changing? Let me know your thoughts.

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How to choose the best, most useful and rewarding events?

A whole new events industry has grown up around startup founders and entrepreneurs. Networking events, pitch your idea events, meet the investors events, business groups and clubs, industry events, talks, summits and conferences for entrepreneurs, speaker events to get you motivated and inspired, celebrity events, events to boost your productivity.
There are so many events in your city that it is not possible to attend all of them. What do event organizers do to stand out? How does a startup founder decide which events to attend and which will be useful without the fear of missing out? Which events will be time well spent? Is there any method to choosing good events? Any hints or tips?

Comments please.

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The Business of Content Creation is Evolving: Content Creation Centres and Events

The business of content creation is evolving.
YouTube launched its first pop-up space in Hyderabad, India to support a growing community of regional language and independent content creators. Set up at Ramoji Film City from October 5 -7, the pop-up format will enable an ever-growing number of local language YouTube content creators to provide better, engaging visual content across several genres. 
The likes of Amazon and Netflix are spending billions on content creation for local markets such as India, even setting up production studios in partnership with producers.
Tech giants want content and they are creating centres for content creators and also hosting events for users who attend to create content (photos and video) around those events.

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