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Digital Mining as a Revenue Stream for Blockchain Technologies

Digital Mining as a Revenue Stream for Blockchain Technologies.

Cryptocurrency mining will be a viable growth market for Nvidia and AMD in the long term. Nvidia and AMD stock have been doing well recently. Bitcoin has also been doing well overall. 
Analysts are optimistic that cryptocurrency mining will boost demand for Nvidia and AMD chips.
Cryptocurrency miners use graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia to "mine" new coins, which can then be sold or held for future growth.

But digital mining might also be used for Blockchain technologies other than cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is being used in supply chain management and more.

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Share your Skills to Breakthrough in the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is taking off with flight-sharing startup, Wingly app, that matches pilots with passengers looking for a cheaper way to fly in private aircraft. The app allows clients to contact pilots directly. 
The sharing economy is finding more and more services and skills that can be shared. Customer and service provider can connect directly through a digital platform/marketplace.

Even professionals, like lawyers, are slowly moving to digital platforms to connect with their clients. even individual lawyers have their own apps nowadays. Those with sought-after skills will benefit more in the mobile-first age. And allowing service providers to work when they want - a gig economy.

Connecting supplier to client online rather than offline is necessary with mobile devices becoming commonplace. Sharing your skills via apps is now the norm.

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