Creating Communities Increases Opportunity for Revenue Generation

Empowering individuals through simple use of apps (like ShareYaar) to create communities online of people with similar interests by giving them access to a distribution channel of one sort or another, so that the community can then interact in the real world, is a way to survive in the startup ecosystem.

Allowing communities to use and share their knowledge and resources to bring together global communities of like minded individuals. This is the goal of B2C, consumer orientated startups as this will keep users logged on for longer.

Startups that can create communities online that then carry forward into the real world will prosper as they will have the opportunity of both online and offline channels to market to users. Creating communities through your startup increases the opportunities for revenue streams. Opportunities are then there to partner with other service providers to increase your offerings to your customers.

ShareYaar App not only gives you info on events happening near you and allows you to post and share your own events but with its 'Teams' feature lets you create an exclusive community by adding members from your contact list and posting events for members’ eyes only. This now increases the opportunity for other services to be provided to ShareYaar App users.


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