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Lit-O-Fest IdeaIndia.Com Creative Writing Competition

Lit-O-Fest and IdeaIndia.Com are Proud to Present The Creative Writing Competition

Take a Step Towards Becoming the Author You Always Wanted to Be!
LIT-O-FEST is Mumbai’s Premier Literature, Art & Music Festival. Held annually, Lit-O-Fest has grown into a platform that promotes and gives equal opportunity to writers with aspirations and talent to showcase their work.
IdeaIndia.Com publishes eBooks and other Digital Content on India.
This is a short story contest to bring out the author in you. Join us in showcasing your talent for story-telling. In keeping with the Independence theme, write a story (which can be fictional) on achieving some personal independence in your life.
Your work will be published on IdeaIndia.Com and will be rated online by the readers. The top 5 entries will go before the Judges who will decide the ultimate winner.
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We are pleased to announce our Judge…

It Pays to Be in the Sharing Economy

What is it about ride-sharing apps that gets major VCs investing huge sums?
Technology startup investor, Softbank, is interested in investing in Uber or Lyft, having already invested in Grab in Southeast Asia and China's Didi Chuxing. 
Perhaps its the technology and services spin-offs, such as driverless cars, AI, logistics etc, that may materialise on the back of ride-sharing.

The Sharing Economy is creating new technologies and new ways of delivering services and a proliferation of startups. It is on the back of the Ubers and Airbnbs that new technologies and products are created. Investment in the sharing economy leads to the creation of new technologies and revenue streams for startups.

SJP @DigitalAsian - ShareYaar - IdeaIndia.Com

Content Capture and Services

Content is the name of the game. The Indian OTT market has seen major upheaval. While Netflix has deals with Shahrukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment and Aamir Khan, Amazon Prime Video has invested heavily in exclusive movies and TV shows and stand-up comedy content and has deals with Yash Raj Films, Excel Entertainment, Dharma Productions, Vishesh Films and TSeries and Salman Khan for all his existing and future films. Music content is also high on the agenda.
India's biggest movie producer, Eros, is in discussions with Apple, amazon and Netflix, to sell its entire content library of music, films and possibly their digital OTT platform for over US$1 Billion. The budgets for acquiring exclusive, original and creative content are massive and the tech giants are concentrating on their content services platforms.
The Tech giants are buying up exclusive, original content. If a deal goes ahead it would give the buyer access to over 3000 Indian films (Bollywood and regional films), f…

Creating Communities Increases Opportunity for Revenue Generation

Empowering individuals through simple use of apps (like ShareYaar) to create communities online of people with similar interests by giving them access to a distribution channel of one sort or another, so that the community can then interact in the real world, is a way to survive in the startup ecosystem.

Allowing communities to use and share their knowledge and resources to bring together global communities of like minded individuals. This is the goal of B2C, consumer orientated startups as this will keep users logged on for longer.

Startups that can create communities online that then carry forward into the real world will prosper as they will have the opportunity of both online and offline channels to market to users. Creating communities through your startup increases the opportunities for revenue streams. Opportunities are then there to partner with other service providers to increase your offerings to your customers.

ShareYaar App not only gives you info on events happening near …