Women Entrepreneurship in India

Social media is creating new avenues for generating revenue.

Indian homes generate $8-9 billion in sales as re-sellers using WhatsApp and Facebook. The online retail market is growing in India and Indian women homemakers are increasingly using social media to take advantage of the e-commerce boom and reach customers. As many as two million women homemakers are reselling various lifestyle and clothing products using these two platforms, according to an article in Times of India.

Such re-selling is expected to increase. The total market for women re-sellers could grow by as much as 40-50% annually for the next five years and firms are offering help to start you re-selling goods. What's aiding the growth of these re-sellers is the increased usage and access of smartphones in tier I cities which make up 50-60% of the market while tier II and tier III cities contribute the rest. Due to such growth, WhatsApp is looking at starting its own payments platform.

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