Upskill in the Downturn

The recent downsizing in IT has made software professionals upskill to ensure they have multiple skills to reduce the impact of layoffs. This has led to growth for E-learning companies in specialised areas like analytics and product management. Big employers in India like LeEco, Aircel, Snapdeal, YepMe, Craftsvilla, PayU, Tolexo, Girnar Software and Stayzilla all have cut back on IT staff.

Professionals with management profiles are shifting their focus to product management. 2017 started on a bad note for IT in India. With funding drying up and global political changes, many startups and tech companies in India have an uncertain future and are cutting costs. The uncertainty in the market is good for e-learning firms as Techies are taking up courses in UI/UX, machine learning, AI, cybersecurity and micro service architecture, in the hope that by upskilling they will remain in demand.

SJP @DigitalAsian - ShareYaar - IdeaIndia.Com


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