Digital Influence on Purchasing

The way purchases of real estate and cars are done in India is changing. The digital influence of social media and digital marketing is changing consumer behaviour.

About 70% of automobile sales in India will be "digitally influenced" by 2020, a report by Facebook and Bain and Co. says. The report looked at the impact of digital technologies like social media and Internet of Things (IoT) on the automotive industry. Social media is expected to become an important influencer, driving auto sales by 2020.

Most people now do a large part of their research online before purchasing a car. Therefore, auto makers need digital media as an important part of their marketing strategy. And a lot of post-purchase activities are now online.

By 2020, it is expected that up to 40 per cent of consumers are expected to book repair and maintenance services online and about 30 per cent will go online to purchase vehicle accessories.

Most Indian auto makers are not spending enough on digital investments and digital marketing. They to upgrade their customer engagement to reflect customer behaviour and also invest in efforts to get a more personalised relationship with customers.


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