Digital Extinction

Upgrading skills is essential to avoid digital extinction. Data scientists, software architects, data engineers, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are most in demand. Demand exceeds supply. "Any role which requires drawing intelligence from data is hard to hire for. UI, UX have been there for some time, but because they are needed across sectors like retail and manufacturing, the demand goes up. Any company not hiring in these roles will become a dinosaur after five to seven years," HackerRank's Harishankar Karunanidhi said. 

HR experts say companies are struggling to find quality candidates for these roles, while current employees are getting redundant.  Job positions in AI, machine learning (ML), robotics and digital marketing are other positions where demand exceeds supply. One reason for this may be that these jobs are relatively new compared to older skills e.g. Java.

Colleges need to add courses quickly to fill the gap and employers need to fund training of their current employees. The compensation packages for these jobs tend to be higher. 


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