Social Media Command Centres for Brand Marketing

Social media command centres, dedicated facility used by brands for monitoring conversations, customer service, tracking marketing efficiency, market research, etc., are becoming the norm.

Big multi-national brands have used command centres for some years now. The trend is catching up in India. Many large brands in India are now using command centres. Brands cannot afford to ignore the social media chatter around their brand.

According to research in India, 47 per cent of the people who access social media post reviews of product and services. Social media has become a way to communicate with a brand. Brands can gain a better understanding of their customers this way.

The command centres provide diverse services to brands - customer care, social listening, market intelligence, market research, competition analysis and online reputation management using data analytics and real-time creative support.

The more popular tools in India are Radian 6, Hootsuite, Adobe Social and Socialbakers. Even as the use of command centres grow, it remains to be seen whether smaller brands find them viable when its difficult to track their ROI.

SJP @DigitalAsian - ShareYaar


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