Indian Global In-House Centres

Moving from back-office to research and development, more large MNCs are using Indian global in-house centres (GICs), according to a report by Bain and Company. It's a testament to how these GICs are proving their worth. Bain, which surveyed a number of Fortune 1,000 companies and Indian GIC leaders, found that these companies and leaders forecast the type of work managed by GICs to increase along with the enterprise's reliance on the GIC. "This outlines the bigger role that Indian GICs can aspire to play within the global enterprise if they invest in becoming GICs of the future," it said in a report.

The report highlights 6 main areas for Indian GICs to invest in. They include analytics, traditional IT, digital-age IT, domain expertise, leadership and cost savings. "While GIC leaders are aligned on these priorities, traditional IT stands out as something that GIC leaders aren't prioritizing as much as global CXOs demand," it said.

The Indian GIC has gained steam in the last couple of years with large corporates, including Victoria's Secret, Lowe's, JC Penney and AB (AnheuserBusch) Inbev, setting up new GICs in Bengaluru. India has over a 1000 GICs employing more than 8 lakhs people and generating around $23 billion in revenues. Many GICs have expanded significantly and are no longer doing only back office operations but are into cutting edge digital technology that is creating new revenue streams for their enterprises. 

With talent available in India (which may improve with the visa restrictions being put in place by various countries around the world), GICs are hiring people in newer areas including analytics, big data, cloud and machine learning. 


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