Digital Benefits

Digital benefits and perks are slowly removing the paper trail in India. Digital coupons and vouchers could have a big impact in India. Paytm, the mobile payments and ecommerce platform, is entering the meal voucher market. Being referred to as the food wallet, Paytm has tied up with firms that can top up wallets of their employees. 

"Paytm food wallet will benefit all stakeholders - employers, employees and food retailers. Corporate employees can now pay for their food and beverages using their mobile on the go and keep a track of all payments made on the app. This will offer convenience compared to the traditional instruments like paper vouchers and will have tax benefits too." says Paytm.

Paytm will now be in direct competition with Sodexo, Ticket Restaurant, Zeta and others. RBI has recently said that all meal-voucher companies must switch over to electronic formats by the end of the year. With investors like Alibaba, Paytm has the opportunity to disrupt the market. According to a senior executive in the firm, the meal voucher solution being digital removes hassles of procuring, handling and distributing bulky coupons and cards.

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