The Cost of Mobile Data

After Reliance Jio came on the scene, the telcos entered into a price war which has benefitted consumers in India a little. Mobile price plans have come down.

Now there is talk of a merger between Idea and Vodafone in India which would create India's largest mobile phone operator. Sunil Mittal of Airtel says that national and international roaming charges should be removed. Chinese telcos are apparently going to remove roaming charges.

More recently, news is that Netflix is going to partner with Airtel, Videocon and Vodafone to deliver its digital content to consumers directly.

Consumers need access to lots of cheap mobile data without roaming charges. Cloud computing should offer mobile users access to cheap mobile data. Consumers are getting a raw deal with telcos data packages currently on offer.

To use the words of William Wordsworth: I wandered very expensively on the cloud.

SJP @DigitalAsian - ShareYaar


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