Cloud Chaos Theory

The recent technical problems at Amazon's cloud services shows the widespread disruption that can happen as more and more users and businesses migrate onto cloud services.

Internet users experienced widespread disruption recently, after Amazon’s cloud service that hosts their data suffered a technical problem. Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, or Amazon S3, had difficulty sending and receiving clients’ data according to reports. Amazon has not yet disclosed the cause.

The far reach of the disruption highlights the increasing dependence organisations have on the cloud for cheap and secure data storage. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s biggest cloud business. Organisations, both large and small, suffered disruption due to the technical problems on the cloud service. Messaging startup Slack Technologies Inc. said users may have had difficulty uploading files due to problems with its hosting service, according to posts on Twitter. “Imagine your business not being able to run for a day. That’s a big problem,” said Gene Munster, head of research for Loup Ventures. Nilay Patel‏, editor in chief of tech website The Verge, said on Twitter that an article “published without an image because our image system runs on AWS.”  

The disruption went beyond the business world. A site for Georgetown University professors to manage course content and grade assignments, which uses Amazon’s cloud, had “connectivity problems,” the university’s CIO said in a message to students and faculty.


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