Warning: Disruption Ahead

Could the Uber and Ola drivers organise and become a union of sorts, whether formal or informal? How will this affect other service aggregators?

As the Uber and Ola drivers' strike threatens to spread across the country, it is turning into a windfall for car-sharing platforms and self-drive car rental service companies. Rental companies like Revv, Eco Rent A Car and Zoom have witnessed 20-40% increase in bookings while car pool companies like Orahi and Jugnoo have also seen up to 100% increase in demand in certain critical markets like New Delhi, Gurugram and Bengaluru. As conventional public transport gets more crowded, the app-cab demand is shifting to self-drive rental platforms and car pool services, say industry experts. Take car sharing platform Revv which has seen 40% increase in bookings on weekdays.


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