New Revenue Streams with Advertising and Messaging

New ways for YouTube to monetize its platform ... and also to possibly start competing with WhatsApp as a messaging app.

Google is set to launch a new service for YouTube letting users pay a few dollars to pin comments or questions to live streams broadcast by famous content creators, reports Times of India. As well as getting comments noticed, it offers YouTubers a new way of monetizing their online activities. The idea is to connect content creators and fans during live stream events broadcast on the platform, during which viewers can interact with YouTubers by asking questions or leaving comments via a chat function.

To boost visibility -- especially if there are hundreds or even thousands of people watching -- YouTube's new "Super Chat" function will allow viewers to pay a few dollars to pin a message in pride of place at the top of the chat window. "Super Chat" messages will stay pinned at the top of the chat for up to five hours for maximum visibility, grabbing the attention of other viewers, as well as creators, who can reply at their leisure. Users choose the amount they pay to pin their "Super Chat" message. The more they pay, the longer the comment will be pinned.

YouTube is already launching a beta with YouTube creators iHasCupquake (beauty, 5.2 million followers), Alex Wassabi (comedy, 2.2M) and Great Library (video games, 1.4M). The new service rolls out more widely from Tuesday, January 31 for creators in 20 countries looking to monetize their activities. "Super Chat" replaces "Fan Funding," allowing viewers to make donations to YouTubers, which closes February 28.

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