Building Brand for Bootstrapped Startups

Building Brand for Bootstrapped Startups is always the challenge.

Pune headquartered Brand Launch Center (BLC) under the aegis of Seagull Advertising, has announced a new Startup Launch Accelerator aimed at helping consumer focused startups with their go-to-market strategy with a clear 180 day programme, reports Times of India, Wings for Profit. Brand Launch Center currently only works with consumer facing companies who are functionally and operationally ready to go-to-market. Sameer Desai, chief strategy officer, BLC said, "While working extensively with early-stage companies in the past few years, we have realized that most start-ups fail despite innovative ideas and products.

They fail not because of the product/service, but because of their inability to create a strong brand image among target consumers and the absence of go-to-market strategy and execution. Brand-building and go-to-market is a major challenge for the bootstrapped startups, whose marketing budgets and knowledge of execution are often constrained. BLC provides a 360-degree strategy to start-ups to overcome their brand-building challenges, that too in 180 days."

Chandni Jafri, CEO, Mumbai Angel Network also announced that they are launching Pune chapter of Angel Network with Brand Launch Centre's help. The Startup Accelerator program will provide solutions ranging from mentoring, branding, working capital, advertising, digital marketing, on-ground-activations, public relations and funding, sales, marketing automation, HR, corporate finance, legal and co-working. So far, BLC has worked with startups across different industry segments, including electric motorcycle brand Tork, and Green Salute, a waterless car wash service.


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