Google Expands its Search Capability

Google Expands its Search Capability in smartphones apps. But if app messages are encrypted how will Google do this?

Google users, you have a new way to search for information in your smartphones reports Times of India. The search giant has introduced 'In Apps' search mode for Android smartphones. Called 'In Apps', the new feature enables users to quickly find content from the installed apps. To access the feature, go to the Google app on your Android phone and find the In Apps tab. The best part is that the 'In Apps' feature works even when the user is not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

As for what you can do with this new search mode? Here are some examples Google shares on its blog:
* Find your contacts and messages: Find the friend you want to catch up with, or the name of the new Sushi place that your friend told you about last month.
* Listen to your favourite running song or watch that sneezing panda video for the 15th time — all in one place.
* Stay organized with your tasks and notes.


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