Employee Engagement: HR Disruption

Employee Engagement: HR Disruption

Times of India publishes an article by Shakun Khanna: Within two days of the launch of Pokemon Go, Nintendo's shares surged a quarter and $7.5 billion was added to its valuation. In India alone, the app has been downloaded over 100 million times, 50 million in Singapore and boasts 9.55 million total daily US users. Pokemon Go has well and truly taken the world by storm. Seemingly overnight the World has woken up to multiple people challenges, ranging from security issues, compliance, manpower availability, lack of competitive strategies, inability to capture new opportunities etc. It has also added to the HR's complex responsibility of creating a 'Future Ready, Competitive Organisation'. The advent of the virtual creatures reiterates the importance of the following messages for the HR community:

People engagement continues to be the single most potent driver of business results: When people are engaged with a product, service or for that matter the game in this case, they put in unprecedented amounts of effort to achieve their goals. Be it customers or employees. HR's biggest challenge is then, creating a culture of engagement for employees of the digital tribe. HR needs to reinvent the secret Razz Berry recipe to drive engagement.

Technology has evolved into both the creator and the destructor of business challenges: Technological disruptions are creating competition from unthinkable directions. Who would have imagined that Pokemon Go could pose a threat to Whatsapp, Twitter or even Tinder when it comes to customer engagement? Virtually augmented creatures seem to be more appealing than dating real humans, this is interesting as well as scary. On the other hand. the marriage of new age technology with our childhood favorite Pokemon has given it a new lease on life and a new childhood to us. HR needs to be able to handle this mammoth invasion of technology in the world that we work in.

Lifespan of roles, competencies and skill sets is diminishing: Within a few days of the launch of Pokemon Go, a new job 'Pokemon Go Coach' emerged, with an hourly rate of $20. Of course, it will be a career with a very short shelf life. In order to enable organizations to consistently deliver and succeed, HR will need to be able to create ecosystems that can multiply unknown competencies and skills at a rapid pace. The next goal to achieve will be then to ensure that such role holders deliver their peak performance in a very short span of time and move on to acquire the newer competencies.

Time to think of talent 'Lure Modules' and 'Incubators'.
Social and mobile are the new survival imperatives for the 400 year old corporate world: While mobility and social connections remain the instinctive needs of the human race, they have adopted completely different meaning today. HR needs to ensure that the contemporary workforce is fully enabled from mobility and social perspectives. Employees today need to be able to catch-up on work from anywhere, at any time - as much as they need to catch the Pokemon. 

Data in the Cloud has contributed in its own way towards disappearance, 52% of Fortune 500 companies since 2000: The unprecedented power that Cloud Computing is bringing to enterprises is the new corporate might. Enabling the enterprises to deliver on ground will need real-time HR insights that are actionable, perceptive, predictive and above all flawlessly prescriptive. And most HR teams do not seem to have such 'Talent Pokedex'.

So, what is it that the HR community needs to do?
HR's capabilities need to be exceptionally agile to deliver solutions for business challenges that have not yet emerged. This would call for 'Transformation' of not only the HR systems and processes but the entire HR Mindset. The reactive approach of HR needs to evolve into 'Proactive and Procreative' mindset that enables organisations to prepare for not only the real challenges, but also virtual and augmented challenges. It is time to move beyond the fighting with the 'Art of HR' to leveraging the arsenal of technology, data and analytics.

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