Thinking About Your Exit at the Start in Indian Startups

Thinking About Your Exit at the Start in Indian Startups

Times of India reports that higher the risk, better the reward and greater the uncertainty, bigger the insurance. What was earlier limited to foreign startups is now entering new-age ventures in India: Exit clause. Startup CEO/CXO candidates have begun pitching for specific exit clauses in employment contracts. And employers are responding positively. In a bid to safeguard the interests of such candidates, exit compensation packages are being drafted with great attention to detail. Executive search firms TOI spoke to said some CEO candidates are even roping in law firms for negotiating contracts with prospective employers.

An HR head from one of the leading startups told TOI that in his career of over a decade, he had encountered only one case where a candidate insisted on specific exit clauses. It's a phenomenon that exists in developed markets and is now said to be taking root in Indian startups, especially when valuations are falling. Several Indian startups have founder-CEOs, but as the ecosystem evolves, founders appoint professionals to take on critical roles. Jabong, Housing and Housejoy are among the startups who have hired professional CEOs. Factors such as friction between promoters and CEOs and private equity firms and CEOs have added to the cautiousness of senior executives being roped in for leadership roles in companies operating in high-risk industries.


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