Search engines for IoT

Search engines for IoT

Times of India reports on Shodan, the backdoor to the internet. is the search engine for the internet of Things (IoT) and everything else that Google cannot search. With just a basic search on the internet, you could find the control system of a hydroelectric power plant or traffic control to an entire city. It's a secret gateway to control the world of connected devices. Shodan isn't significantly different than a web crawler like Google. Shodan crawlers browse the internet and when they discover a device, they collect metadata about it. While Google crawls for websites. Shodan crawls for devices.

In an email interview with ETtech, John Matherly, the founder of Shodan, narrated how and why he set up Shodan in 2003. A computer security whizz, Matherly, wanted to develop a software that would let security researches share their results to help analyze internet at scale. Since it's impossible for a single person to crawl the entirety of the internet for data, Matherly looked at P2P technology as means of crowdsourcing the effort. However, it was impossible to prevent users from submitting false results. Matherly ended up creating a P2P tool that would simply release all the information collected.

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