Augmented Reality eBooks and Ed-Tech Bots

eBooks get a new lease of life with AR.

Times of India reports that Augmented Reality (AR), a technique which enables superimposing digital objects over physical ones, thanks to its high levels of engagement and the 'intrigue' factor, is one of the emerging trends in the nascent education technology and eBook space in the country.

AR app firm, London-based Blippar, has plans to engage with the education ecosystem to look for potential uses of AR to enhance learning experiences. "Conversations with different stakeholders — colleges, schools, boards and publishers — are ongoing. We have Blippar Education as a separate vertical. In a couple of months, we will be closing a few deals. There is a huge shift towards visual-based education here," said Arnav Ghosh, managing director at Blippar India.

If AR is one emerging trend in ed-tech, bots is another. Bots are used to run automated tasks like revisions, feedback and announcements. These are tasks that any teacher or course provider will have to waste a certain amount of time every day.

SJP @DigitalAsian


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