Would you buy a Second-Hand Smartphone from this Man?

The Cook, the Phone, the PM and his Plans. Why is Apple's Tim Cook so keen to sell second-hand phones in India?

Times of India reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook has pressed for the company to be allowed to sell certified second-hand phones in India, and is likely to raise the issue at his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi , who is unlikely to accede to the request for now. Modi, on his part, is likely to push Cook to manufacture Apple iPhones and computers in India, a person familiar with the matter said. In media interviews, however, Cook has remained non-committal on Apple's local production plans.

"We want to bring back pre-owned phone to a pristine condition for a user in the Indian market, we may have to bring in some phones to sort of fuel the supply chain and the process will be done in the country," Cook said in an interview to a TV channel. The government is in-principle against allowing import and sale of second-hand phones in India to prevent dumping of hazardous electronic waste, said a person familiar with the matter. But it might take a more favourable view of the proposal if Apple agrees to manufacture in India. "Local manufacturing will be the thrust of the PM's message to Cook," the person said.

Cook appeared cagey on his near-term local production moves. "It (local manufacturing) is something we will look over time," the top executive said in a newspaper interview. The government is keen for Apple to begin manufacturing in India as it would give the 'Make in India' initiative a massive boost. This, especially as Apple's major production partner Foxconn is already manufacturing for other brands out of its factories in the country. The Taiwanese company drew up aggressive expansion plans after the government rejigged the duty structure in 2015 to make it cheaper to manufacture phones in India than importing them.


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