Virtual Brand Stores for Online Sellers

Would large brands rather create their own online stores or create a store on someone else's marketplace? Are online marketplaces too dependent on large brands for their revenue?

Flipkart is wooing some of the most-popular electronic and apparel brands with a new offering that allows them to create exclusive "stores" on the digital marketplace of India's largest online retailer. These stores, launched in April on the Flipkart mobile app with a desktop launch expected later, help top brands target customers and drive sales by using data and analysis provided by Flipkart, as the Bengaluru-based company accelerates the process of driving revenue and trimming expenses to retain its leadership in the fiercely competitive online retail market. 

"The response till now has been encouraging," said Surojit Chatterjee, Surojit Chatterjee, Senior Vice President and Head Consumer Experience & Growth at Flipkart about the initiative that has already found customers in the form of HP,  Samsung, Wildcraft, Puma, Peter England, Bosch, Vu Technologies and @Home.


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