Singapore Tech gets into the CIA with the help of TiE

Singapore tech wants to get into the Chinese, Indian and American (CIA :) markets with the help of TiE.

Times of India reports that Singapore's tech-heavyweights, with products designed for markets in India, China and the United States, are aiming to raise funds from The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) at a convention to be held in Silicon Valley this week. An 11-member delegation, led by state-owned trade promoter International Enterprise Singapore, will explore market specific product development opportunities and funding from some 4,600 delegates expected at The Indus Entrepreneurs convention (TIEcon) to be held on May 6-7, said TiE's Singapore chapter chairman Puneet Pushkarna.

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) is partnering with the delegates in venturing into its global community of over 4,000 entrepreneurs, mostly comprised of Indians who led tech-startups in the 90s and are now investors placing USD 1 billion a year in new tech-startups with focus on the Indian, Chinese and American markets, he said. "Singapore's strong tech start-up base is ever growing and is focused on India, China and the United States," Pushkarna added.

"The Singaporean participation, a first in TiEcon, will help channel investment into technologies and solutions for the world's three largest markets," he pointed out. Founded in 1992, TiE has a combined value creation of over USD 300 billion worldwide and is now seeking greater participation in technologies for expanding economies, where India is top of the list.


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