Location, Location, Location: Mapping the Future of Digital India

The Indian government has proposed a law that could lead to a fine for a wrong depiction of an Indian map.

Times of India reports that a campaign against the Union government's move to govern how companies and individuals use maps is gaining momentum, with a number of thinktanks, research organisations and activists launching efforts to rally resistance against the proposed law. The Centre for Internet and Society, Geo-Bangalore, Open Data Bangalore, DataMeet , DataKind and other entities, several of them based in Bengaluru, are preparing to meet top officials of the ministry of home affairs to recommend crucial changes to the draft Geospatial Information Regulation Bill, 2016. The group met on Wednesday evening to discuss recommendations to submit to the ministry, which has invited responses till June 4.

Through an Internet campaign called 'Save The Map,' which seeks to replicate the success of the 'Save the Internet' drive that was aimed at ensuring equal access to the Internet for all, the campaigners are stepping up efforts to build awareness about the far-reaching implications of the bill. These could include jail terms or cash penalties for organisations such as Uber and Ola as well as individuals for using the India map without a licence.


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