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Times of India reports that Vodafone India has carved out a new vertical to curate and generate content as it packages its data services on 3G and 4G technologies. The new 10-member team has the right to pool resources from other departments, if needed. The move comes as rival Reliance Jio Infocomm plans to promote its video content and consumer applications as a hook for customers to switch service.

The purpose of the team is two-fold, said Sandeep Kataria, director-commercial. The first is to create partnerships with content companies so that there is more accessible content for Vodafone customers. Globally the group partners big providers such as Netflix, he said. The company already provides live TV channels, music on its platform and other movie content through agreements with application makers such as Hungama.

"We don't want to develop content where it's established and someone already has it," said Kataria. The second purpose of the team is to create content aimed at specific segments in the market, such that it will unlock usage of the Internet. "Our Kissan Mitr programme has reached one million subscribers," Kataria said. The programme gives weather, humidity and other actionable information for farmers.

Also in the news is that Facebook’s trending bar deliberately suppresses certain types of news, according to a new report. Facebook, probably one of the most important online news distributors, has cultivated the idea that its trending bar is an impartial algorithm that responds to “likes” and gives users only what they’ve indicated they want. But apparently in a confession on the tech blog Gizmodo, a former editor says popular conservative news would be kept off the “trending news” sidebar.

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