In God We Trust, All Others Pay: Google's Trust-Based System

Smartphone users may have to learn how to be predictable to get a good Google 'trust score'.

Times of India reports that Google is set to begin testing a new login method which replaces passwords with a 'trust-based' system which monitors the way you typically use your phone. The 'Trust API', part of 'Project Abacus', was unveiled at Google's IO developer conference, and is set to be tested by a number of large financial institutions in June, the Guardian reports. 

The system is designed to be used on smartphones, and works by constantly checking for a number of personal indicators which can grant access to accounts or the phone itself. Instead of asking for a password, the phone might analyse your face, your voice, how you type, how you swipe , how you move and where you are. All of these bits of data are fed into the API, which then generates a 'trust score' which indicates how likely it is that it's actually you carrying the phone.


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