Developing the Developers for Apps

Apple developing the developers for it platform in India. Developing the digital disruptors.

Times of India reports that Indian app developers are excited about working with senior Apple executives at the proposed design and development accelerator in Bengaluru. The Cupertino-based iPhone maker is looking to build a long-term relationship with Indian developers to build more locally relevant apps on the iOS platform, which Apple hopes will increase the iPhone sales in India. With the design and development accelerator in Bengaluru, which is set to open early next year, 

Apple is also expecting to interact more with India's vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem on a continuous basis. Ravi Gururaj, chairman of Nasscom Product Council, said Apple's accelerator will engage with second line of developers in the country, who will now have direct access to Apple's expertise in top-notch design and user friendly interface. "It augurs well for Apple. India has a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and they need to catch the developers early on," he said.

India is expected to surpass the US with 5.2 million developers in 2018 compared to 4.5 million developers there, according to a report from Evan's Data Corp. Even though India has a sizeable base of Android developers, Apple is only now making the right noises to connect with Indian developers to built locally relevant apps. India being a largely Android market has just 1% developers working on Apple's iOS platform, Apple's software platform for its mobile devices. Also, most developers on the iOS platforms are cross-platform developers.


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