Data Insights: Data, Data, Everywhere

In these times of data explosion, firms are looking to gain insights to consumer behaviour, the better to sell to them with.

Times of India reports that in 2012, Harvard Business Review named data scientist the "sexiest job of the 21st century". More recently, Glassdoor named it the "best job of the year" for 2016. In India, too, companies are scrambling to hire data scientists, sending salaries soaring. According to TeamLease, a staffing solutions company, data scientists with around 5 years' experience are earning over 75 lakh per annum as compared to 8-15 lakh for CAs and 5-8 lakh for engineers with the same experience level.

So who exactly are data scientists? It's a loose term but these are the guys who know how to look at the data a company generates, and derive the all-important insights it needs to garner more business and enhance customer experience in this age of social media.


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