App-only E-commerce in India

A web presence on the desktop is still required for e-commerce in India as Myntra's experience shows. Going mobile-only or app-only is not yet the right marketing strategy in India.

Times of India reports that after a year of becoming an app-only fashion retailer Myntra is going back to launching its desktop website, in what stands to be a significant development for the e-commerce industry. The move is indicative of how the mobile-only strategy, a first for any e-tailer, pushed by Myntra and its Bangalore-based parent company Flipkart did not yield desired results. The desktop site is likely to be rolled out on June 1, a company official confirmed when queried by TOI. 

Having begun its transition from desktop to mobile, as reported by TOI first in February 2015, Myntra was looking to phase out its web presence gradually over the course of the year. Encouraged by the exponential growth of mobile Internet in the country, the move was hastened by months and by May of last year, the fashion e-tailer had shuttered both its desktop and mobile sites.


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