Your digital footprint says a lot about you

Your digital footprint says a lot about you. For years now people have been on social media leaving behind data that they may have forgotten. your digital footprint is unique to you, like your digital dna.

Times of India reports that at Delhi-based startup HelpChat, a resume is a forgotten thing. The company, which encourages candidates to send in their LinkedIn profiles instead of a resume, has maintained it even when people walked in to the office with their resumes. As the recruitment process transforms from being a sourcing game to more of an engagement business, a bunch of startups are doing away with the resume culture.

At these companies, where CVs are not welcome, digital footprint of a candidate takes the place of the first touchpoint between the recruiter and the recruit. Vijay Sharma, CEO at which provides talent acquisition solutions, notes that among his 30-odd startup customers which include the likes of Ola, Snapdeal and Practo, 30-40% have moved away from the resume culture. The company has developed an algorithm to help its customers hire the right candidates based on their digital foot print. "A lot of data is being left behind online by the user. They are not aware what they are leaving, but this data actually means a lot," said Sharma, who himself has never gone through a resume while hiring for his company. "These data points say a lot about candidates."


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