Indian E-commerce Braces for Onslaught

Indian e-commerce marketplaces and sellers are bracing themselves for the onslaught by China's Alibaba, which is set to enter India. At present some online shoppers in India are ordering goods direct from China via AliExpress, which is part of Alibaba.

Times of India reports that when Sumit Malhotra, a Delhi-based advertising professional, wanted to buy a 64GB pendrive for his son, he didn't hunt for the best deal on Flipkart, Amazon, or Snapdeal. Neither did he call his office stationery person. He got it directly from China — via AliExpress, an online shopping arm of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. Reason: It cost him merely one-sixth — Rs 250 — of what was being offered by Indian e-commerce players. But there's a catch. The pendrive was not delivered at an express pace — it took 45 days! "I ended up saving a cool 1,000 bucks," says 38-year-old Malhotra, who also bought an iPhone cable for just a dollar.


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