Global Virtual Network Operators soon to come to India

Competition in mobile communication and data services in India is getting fierce with global players wanting a share of the market.

Times of India reports that Virgin Mobile, Lebara Mobile and Tune Talk - well known globally as mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) - may shortly foray into India. Hyderabad-based Xius, a supplier of mobile infrastructure solutions and payments technology, will soon approach the three global MVNO brands to launch their services in India, chief executive GV Kumar told ET.

"Apart from initiating talks with Virgin, Lebara and Tune Talk, we will also approach large mobile carriers in the Gulf who may be keen to don the MVNO hat to enter India, especially to offer customized products to their Indian expat customers frequently travelling home," the Xius CEO added. Xius's plans come on the heels of it partnering with UK's Hebitel, a global MVNO management consulting firm, to help international MVNOs foray into India. The Xius-Hebitel partnership was announced earlier this month after the Modi government allowed MVNOs to set up shop in India. 


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