Visual and audio search gains ground in e-commerce

Visual and audio search options gaining ground in e-commerce.

Times of India reports that more and more e-commerce and fashion sites are introducing visual or image search. The solution allows the user to use a smartphone to click a picture of, say, a shirt pattern that she likes -- either in a magazine or one that someone is wearing -- and the system will search the portal to find a similar, or even the same shirt. The traditional method of text inputs -- even with a host of filters that sites now provide -- can never precisely give users what they want. On the contrary, the visual search option can potentially provide a more relevant set of options.

More so during an impulse moment when a person is attracted to something she sees. Flipkart introduced the feature last year, and Abof, the online fashion portal of the Aditya Birla Group, moved into this territory recently. Online marketplace for ethnic products, Craftsvilla, and fashion e-portal Myntra are also working to get this feature in their apps soon. "For a category like fashion, visual search is extremely important, probably the second-most important aspect after 3D trial, which allows you to check for size and fit," Abof CEO Prashant Gupta told TOI.


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