Trying to Transform to a Digital Economy

Trying to make the transformation to digital? Here are some useful tips:

Economic Times reports in an article by Suryadeep Agrawal: I was recently talking to CMO of a large white goods brand where he expressed his frustration about not being able to move fast enough on digital transformation initiatives. He talked about the omni-channel digital vision and the kind of customer experience he wanted to create. This is something I have heard so many times from top decision makers in different companies not only in India but across countries like US and Europe. It is clear that senior executives realize the importance of going digital, but execution remains a challenge due to a number of reasons, which is quite worrisome. 

Thanks to rapid penetration of internet and smartphones, the change of consumer behavior is happening at lightening fast speed. According to the latest study by KPMG and IAMAI, India is going to have about 350 million internet users and 200 million mobile internet users in 2015 which is likely to become 500 million and 300 million respectively by 2017. Government's Digital India focus is likely to provide further impetus to this. In such an environment, no company can afford to be left behind. Chances are that some startup is already planning to disrupt your industry by fundamentally changing the way how the content, service or product is delivered. Speed of execution is critical. 

Here are some thoughts on creating a high impact digital program: ...


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