Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

Fear of not learning new skills to make sure that you are employable has always been a feature of life in the IT industry.

Times of India reports that with Indian IT firms focusing on surfing the digital wave, a growing number of employees are gripped by fears of being washed-up by rapidly evolving technologies. Although 80% of the industry's business continues to come from older or legacy technologies, experts say this share is set to shrink and workers need to upgrade their skills to stay relevant. But a section of the workforce may not be up to the job. "There will be a small bunch of people who will either not have the adaptability or learn ability to make that change," said Prithvi Shergill, head of human resources at HCL Technologies.

These people will have to look for options within their companies or outside, where the proportion of legacy skills work is higher, said Shergill. An anonymous confession on an unofficial Facebook page of an IT company recently lay bare the frustration of working on old technologies, ending with the hashtag — get me out of legacy systems. An employee with a multinational company told ET on condition of anonymity: "They are not training anyone on my technology. And they won't release me from my project because they don't have anyone to replace me. I'm stuck." Wipro had said in April that automation, artificial technology and greater efficiency through digital technology could reduce the company's headcount by 30% or nearly 50,000 in three years.


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