Salman Khan: Whose trial is it anyway? by Sheriyar Patel, Criminal Defence Advocate

Salman Khan: Whose Trial is it Anyway? 
(or How to Apply the Presumption of Innocence in Practice) 
(Criminal Law for Non-Lawyers) 


Sheriyar Patel 
Criminal Defence Advocate

Criminal Defense Law
Whose Trial is it Anyway?

Salman Khan, one of India’s most famous Bollywood actors, was charged with various criminal offences over a car accident in 2002, which the media have dubbed as the 'hit-and-run' case, where one person died and others were injured. This case has been eagerly followed by lawyers in India. The Sessions Court trial judgment and the Bombay High Court appeal judgment, both of which are posted online, have been read by many. In the judgment dated 6th May 2015 in Sessions Case No.240 of 2013 (Salman Khan’s case), the Hon’ble Judge begins with “Accused Salman Salim Khan, famous cine actor, faced trial …..”.

But is it really the Defendant who is on trial in a criminal case? When a ‘Defendant goes on trial’ for an alleged criminal offence it is to decide his guilt or innocence, right? Wrong ... to read further click here and go to IdeaIndia.Com


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