In a State of Learning: Cooperative Competitive Federalism

Naarendra Modi's idea of States learning from each in terms of e-governance initiatives in what he calls cooperative, competitive federalism, should be given more prominence.

Economic Times reports that 8 Indian states have heeded Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call for "cooperative and competitive federalism" and expressed willingness to replicate some of the award-winning e-governance initiatives implemented in other parts India. 

Prime Minister's home state Gujarat and Congress-ruled Karnataka head the list of states whose projects are most popular, details accessed by ET show. While four states want to replicate Karnataka's 'Effective Vehicles Database Management System', three states want to copy Gujarat's 'Suraksha Setu Project' aimed at crime prevention. Gujarat, which has won two dozen national e-governance awards since 2008, has found takers for its other projects too. 

The PM had given the call in February and on the Civil Services Day in April further exhorted state governments to send their teams to study the award-winning initiatives of other states and identify which they would like to replicate. Officials said the Prime Minister's Office is keeping an eye on the exercise. "At the next Civil Services Day, the PM could be briefed on the award-winning e-governance initiatives as well as those awarded for excellence in public administration that have been picked for replication by other states," a senior government official said. 


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