Digital ideas apps - giving people ideas on the go

Digital ideas apps - giving people ideas on the go.

Economic Times reports what do you do if you want to make a quick decision, but it should not be based on a hunch or intuition and rather on fairly dependable data? Indrayudh Ghoshal, the founder of Piki — a startup that expects to launch operations in January— promises answers within four hours of posting the 'three questions only' survey. "The idea with Piki is to target the rapid response sector. The client can get a focused answer in four hours from a targeted demographic audience," he said. Ghoshal is no stranger to the idea of survey, thanks to his previous experience with FourthLion Technologies, a firm that uses data analytics to help political parties manage an election campaign among other things. He built and managed their polling platform InstaVaani. 

The first stepping block in the process for Piki was to zero in on a relevant demographic base that his customers (any brand) would want to tap. Ghoshal feels that the college going age group is one such demography. Towards this end he has reached out to Indian colleges like the National Law School and IIM-B and international ones such as his Alma Mater University of Toronto and Montreal based McGill University, among others. But then, what is in it for the professors and the students? - The professors can conduct quizzes in classes using the Piki platform and can assign grades for classroom participation, instantly, and students can get to play daily quizzes that will be attached to the app and earn anywhere between Rs.30 and Rs. 50, via mobile wallets, for participating in the polls, when they pop up. 


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