UK E-commerce Slowing Down?

The Guardian reports that "The online shopping revolution in Britain is showing signs of reaching a peak after internet sales in August grew at the slowest rate on record. Online sales increased by 5% in August compared with sales in the same month last year, the lowest increment since online sales data started being collected in 2000. The rise of online shopping has forced shops to close, transforming British high streets, and led to internet retailers, such as Amazon, Asos and Ocado, becoming household names. However, sales growth has been sluggish throughout 2015, suggesting it might be approaching a plateau. Online sales account for a fifth of non-food retail sales in Britain, but for some individual retailers, such as Argos, it is approaching half. The development of mobile internet technology through smartphones and tablets has given online sales an extra boost in the past five years, while Black Friday last November created a further surge in internet orders as retailers offered cut-price deals on electrical items."

Consumers may not be getting disenchanted with e-commerce but it may be due to the general economy in the UK and Europe generally.


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