Sharing the Digital Market?

BBC News reports "Online retailer Amazon has stopped selling its Fire smartphone, just 15 months after the handset was launched. According to its website, both the 32GB and 64GB models are "currently unavailable", and Amazon says it has no plans to replenish its inventory. It follows reports of lay-offs at the US company, after the phone failed to resonate with consumers. Amazon has not responded to requests from the BBC for comment about its plans for the phone. Launched with much fanfare in June 2014, the Fire Phone was Amazon's first foray into the smartphone market."

Is this an acknowledgement by the major tech firm, Amazon to let Apple maintain its share in the smartphone market rather than compete where it does not have strengths? How are the US major tech firms such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook competing with each other? Are they making decisions not to enter into markets where the others have strengths?


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