Head Hunters Left Headless in E-commerce

Economic Times reports that the next time you say 'no' to a job offer from an ecommerce company, you may never hear from the firm again. A deluge of offers from cash-flush ecommerce companies wanting to scale up has seen a proportionate rise in the number of offers being turned down by senior level candidates in the past three to six months, leaving companies stumped and head hunters red faced. 

To avoid a repeat embarrassment, several job search firms have started blacklisting executives who have said 'no' to employment offers in the ecommerce space while job shopping during their notice period. According to estimates from four leading search firms, the offer dropout rates for the last three months have shot up by 30-40%. For the 12-month period, it has risen by 60-80%. 

Senior-level candidates turning down offers in the ecommerce space is around 40% now, double of what it is for any other sector, with the maximum offer drops being in the product management space, followed by core IT. In the past two months, executive search firm Kelly Services had more than 20 senior candidates drop offers at the last stage, citing better offers from other companies. 

"Candidates are offer shopping like never before. We have seen candidates looking for jobs during the notice period they are serving and when they already have an offer with another company. They try to make the best use of the notice period by getting as many offers as possible," said Kamal Karanth, managing director at Kelly Services & Kelly OCG, India. 

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