Everything in India: Modi's Slogans

Modi is great at at slogans. The latest: 'Create in India'. Modi wants idea creation not just factories - Ideas in India is what Modi wants. Modi's slogans include Make in India, Startup India, Stake in India. If Modi wanted to increase the population of India, what would his slogan be? **** in India?

Economic Times reports the idea, not the iPhone. Create in India, not just 'Make in India'. If getting low-cost hardware factories to India becomes the focus of PM Narendra Modi's widely anticipated Silicon Valley visit later this month, the trip risks becoming a missed opportunity, technology experts reckon. 

Technology players and industry watchers feel the PM should focus on how India can adopt and adapt the Valley's best practices — the flow of ideas, disruptive innovations, a university lab-to-market chain, great marketing. Making iPhones in India is not the first best solution vis a vis Apple — setting up an Apple innovation and design campus in India is. 

Technology entrepreneurs have many takes on what India should absorb from the Valley. Microsoft India Chairman Bhaskar Pramanik told ET that India should look to become the tech hub of mobile technology security software: "India needs to think bigger (than making phones locally)...It's time to look seriously at 'Make in India' from a software perspective." 

SJP @DigitalAsian


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