Digital Technologies Juggernaut Unstoppable

Financial figures for Uber show that digital technologies are changing consumer habits. This digital juggernaut cannot be stopped. No matter how many protests there are against Uber or other digital firms, consumer will habits will change and industries will be disrupted, for good or bad.

Times of India reports that Uber Technologies' global bookings are projected to rise nearly threefold to $10.8 billion this year and reach $26.1 billion the next, according to a recent presentation for potential investors. The ride-hailing service, which operates in over 50 countries, keeps 20% of booking revenue, showed a confidential slideshow prepared by Chinese bankers with input from Uber, aimed at soliciting investment in a fund participating in Uber's Series F financing. Based on those figures, 2015 revenue would be roughly $2 billion, according to a calculation.


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