Digital Front-end and Logistics Backend: Uber Disruption

The digital marketplace is disrupting industries and labour practices. Take Uber for example. Uber could offer customers the music they wanted to be downloaded and played in taxis - they could even offer food  to passengers in the taxis which customers could order on their App - they could allow taxi drivers to transport goods or documents and not just people which customers could arrange via their App - customers could arrange their travel insurance through the App - and all these services could be paid for via a mobile payment system. 

Uber could get into so many different industries - music and entertainment, food and beverages, delivery services and financial services - competing with the likes of iTunes, Domino's Pizzas, DHL, Visa, etc - disrupting all these industries. You just need the digital, consumer-facing front-end and the logistics back-end which is what the digital marketplace is all about. 

In this respect Uber is no different from Amazon or Flipkart. These digital e-commerce businesses seem to be converging and becoming similar.


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