Reducing Uninstalls: Getting Indian Consumers to Go Mobile

Times of India reports that whenever Jafer Khan, a 22-year-old student in Chennai, runs low on money for mobile data, he sends his two cents' worth to the country's largest e-commerce firms. He makes a quick buck filling surveys on which mobile application introductions failed to convince him or by reviewing new app features. Khan may not know it but he is essential to the mobile strategies of online marketplaces, which onboard people like him through tech startups for a raft of services such as feedback on demand and Big Data-driven push notifications that nudge cart-abandoning consumers to complete their purchases. 

At least half a dozen ventures have emerged around the estimated Rs 94,500-crore ($15 billion) Indian e-commerce industry, capitalizing on its bid to fuel transactions on mobile phones and reduce app uninstalls and find ways to push consumerism as the small screen becomes the dominant portal for online shopping. Airloyal, which runs customer engagement for e-retailers with its nearly 70 lakh users including Khan, helped ShopClues retain more of its app users. "By running interesting surveys about a retention campaign, we were able to help increase their usual retention by over 50%," said Raja Hussain, founder and CEO of Airloyal, which has earned Rs 30 crore in revenue in its first year of business. 

The growing Indian e-commerce sector is trying to find news ways to connect with the consumer. At this stage its all about retaining the consumer and attracting new ones onto the mobile platform through apps.


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