Mobile App Growth: It's All APPening in India

Times of India reports that As Indian mobile app usage outpaced global app usage, mobile app usage in India grew 131%, as per Yahoo's latest report. Growth in app usage far exceeding its global peers, driven by country's obsession with mobile app shopping, which contributed to 19% of their time spent on their smartphones (second only to gaming, which took 25% of user's time). App growth in Asia stood at 77%. "The shift from e-commerce to m-commerce is accelerating, with Indians engaging with their mobile shopping apps almost round the clock," Christopher Klotzbach, head of product marketing, Flurry from Yahoo, told ET.

The Flurry team from Yahoo analyzed data gleaned from over 700,000 apps and 1.8 billion devices from across the world, and the 42,000 apps and 82 million devices from India, that use Flurry. Phablet is the fastest growing mobile device globally, with growth in India outpacing growth in the US -- 38% of user sessions in India are on phablets vs 21% in the US, as measured by Flurry. "Phablet users in Asia engage in apps 78% more than the average smartphone users in Asia, which is driving the app growth in the region," Klotzbach said. The top three app growth categories in India, according to Yahoo are personalization (such as Android launchers like Aviate and Hola), followed by News & Reading and Photography. 

India is fast becoming a predominantly m-commerce destination.


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