Digital Dangers for Drivers

BBC News reports that "Several car infotainment systems are vulnerable to a hack attack that could potentially put lives at risk, a leading security company has said. NCC Group said the exploit could be used to seize control of a vehicle's brakes and other critical systems. The Manchester-based company told the BBC it had found a way to carry out the attacks by sending data via digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radio signals. It coincides with news of a similar flaw discovered by two US researchers. Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller showed Wired magazine that they could take control of a Jeep Cherokee car by sending data to its internet-connected entertainment and navigation system via a mobile-phone network. Chrysler has released a patch to address the problem. However, NCC's work - which has been restricted to its labs - points to a wider problem."

Digital dangers for drivers. People will begin ordering cars with old-fashioned analogue radios.


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