In Digital Space Nobody can Hear you Stream

Times of India reports that a pop group unhappy at how music streaming service Spotify pays recording artists has created a web app that artificially generates royalties. The Eternify app puts any artist's songs on endless repeat, playing just 30 seconds at a time - the minimum required to be considered a "listen". Spotify said it was looking into whether it broke the service's rules. Eternify was devised by New York-based act Ohm & Sport, who said streaming was "virtually worthless" for musicians. The amount artists receive from streaming services has been put under heavy scrutiny of late - buoyed by the imminent launch of Apple Music, a new music streaming service from the iPhone-maker. Compared with physical sales - or even downloads - the money artists make from streaming is minute.

This highlights the battle between intellectual property right (IPR) holders, digital marketplaces and consumers.


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